About Us

We are the law practice that was founded for the sole purpose of supporting creatives, founders and their funders.

At TLP Advisory, we serve the world's most innovative people and businesses in the technology, media, creative and emerging business sectors. We also support those who finance them.

We help your ideas work for you through our legal, entrepreneurial and digital expertise. From early stage tech companies to scale-up fintech and healthech companies; from writers, musicians and artists to producers and studios; from angel investors to venture capitalists and DFIs. If you are creating something or funding those who create, our experienced specialist lawyers provide you with up-to-date in depth knowledge and advice.

With a focus on Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property and Technology, we help our clients to start, grow, and scale their ventures. With a presence in key markets, we are strategically positioned to serve our clients’ business and legal needs in today’s global world.

What matters most to us

Founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, our values shape what we do and how we do it.


We are obsessively focused on seeing our clients grow and succeed.

We are not just legal advisors, but we are our clients’ allies and fans. Together, we enable and bring to fruition their dreams, aspirations and hopes.


We do excellent work, well and fast.

Using Kaizen, we ensure our people, technology and processes are continually improved and reinvented, so we can give our clients value for money.


We are open to knowledge, ideas and changes.

We are intellectually humble and committed to learning. We agree that “the only constant thing in life is change”. As the world changes, our clients evolve, we also evolve.


We are artists and creators.

Our imagination is without borders. We do not think outside the box, we kick open boxes to solve problems. We innovate to provide our clients with solutions that are unique to and tailored to their needs.


We are a combination of unique talents that are united in seeing our clients grow exponentially.

We are aligned in our goals, values, and commitment to our clients. We come from different backgrounds, but we have a shared belief in our clients’ dreams and a common purpose to help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship thrive in Africa

We do what we do because we are united in our commitment to help innovators realize their dreams, solve problems for their community, create jobs for people, and contribute to economic prosperity.

We are not just legal advisors, but we are our clients' allies and fans. Together, we enable and bring to fruition their dreams, aspirations and hopes.

What People Say

TLP are my go to firm for Startup legal matters in Nigeria

Tomi Davies

Founder - African Business Angel Network

TLP aims to understands your business and then go beyond a legal lens to truly optimising their legal approach to drive your desired outcome. They are a strategic resource for us and I will happily recommend them to anyone in the startup or investing ecosystem in Africa.

Kola Aina

General Partner - Ventures Platform Hub

I appreciate the depth of service and personal touch that I get with TLP and trust them with my business. They have been there with me since Day 1 (literally first invoice I paid when starting up) and I'm grateful for their willingness to grow with my company.

Nichole Yembra

Founder & Managing Partner - Chrysalis Capital

There are very few law firms that understand or have relevant experience in the Nigerian tech space like TLP does. They are responsive, affordable and efficient. We are proud to count them as legal partners to the Afropreneur Angel Syndicate

Idris Bello

Founding Partner - LoftyInc Capital Management

I really appreciate how responsive the TLP team has been to our needs. They have worked closely with us to understand our business to make sure our interests are always protected in every agreement. Gladly recommend their services!

Folake Owodunni

Co-founder, Emergency Response Africa

A very big thank you to the TLP team. You have always delivered on time.

Akindele Phillips

Co-founder - Haul247

An extremely professional and friendly team. I would recommend.

Omon Mordi

Founder - The DEW Centre

TLP is an incredibly professional outfit and I’m absolutely delighted with their level of professionalism and responsiveness. In particular, Olusola is a star! I’d recommend TLP any day.

Gerrad Olisa-Ashar

Founder & CEO - Cyber Bridge Group

TLP are a firm of young and nimble lawyers with vast experience in many areas of corporate law. They deploy technology effectively in providing good service and their understanding of CAMA and the regulatory environment makes them an excellent partner for any SME.

Chioma Okigbo

CEO, MODD Management Company Limited

Amazing firm and exceptional advisory service. The team is great to work with, reliable and is always available for our needs no matter when we need them.


TLP lawyers are very professional. They are efficient, respond quickly and give clear timelines that provide clarity on next steps. They have been helpful in navigating the regulatory landscape.


TLP has a strong presence and knowledge of the Nigerian start up ecosystem. The respect that members of that ecosystem have for TLP is unrivaled.