Legal Advisory

From ideation, to conceptualisation, to financing, to execution. Whether you’re beta-testing or piloting, or maybe you have achieved product-market fit and have your go-to-market strategy. We have various packages that align with your current needs so you can focus on creating amazing work.

Some of these packages include:

Founders Advisory Package:

This is for you if you are just kicking off your business. We will advise you on what you need to have in place to start a business, govern your founders relationship and provide you with the relevant legal documents to kick off your business.

Fundraising Advisory Service:

If you are raising funds to scale your business, whether debt or equity, this is for you. We will provide you with legal support from term sheet negotiation to the signing of the substantive investment documents.

Company Secretarial Service:

If all you need is for us to help you with your corporate meetings and periodic filings, we have a tailor-suited package for you as well.

Data Protection and Advisory:

The data you collect is one of the most critical assets of your business. We provide you with the support you need to ensure they are properly and ethically managed, commercialised and protected.

Outside General Counsel:

This is our comprehensive all-purpose retainer package. You will not believe we are not seated with you physically in your office because we are right next to you providing you with the tailored service specific to your needs.

Media & Entertainment Package:

As a practice that is at the forefront of supporting creators and innovators, we provide legal advice and support to creators and investors in the media and entertainment industry. We work with clients across different verticals including, film and television, content creators and influencers, music and theatre, sports, gaming and e-sports and digital media. We provide support on intellectual property, publishing, distribution and financing.

Transaction Advisory Package:

If all you need is end-to-end support on a specific transaction, we will support you as well. From attending meetings and structuring transactions, to negotiations and drafting substantive agreements.

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