TLP Kickstart

We are looking for the most talented, innovative, creative and curious young legal minds looking to experience being part of a venture & technology law business.


The objective of TLP Kickstart is to provide participants with first-hand experiences of the day-to-day operations of a venture & technology law practice whilst working closely with a team of legal experts and our various clients. In this role, you will be paired with a Coaching Associate (i.e. an associate on the TLP Advisory team), and will support them in proffering solutions to clients legal problems.

You will also work on a tailor-made project all through the programme and present on this project at the end of the programme.

Here is a description of an ideal TLP Kickstarter

  • You have studied law from any accredited university and been called to the Nigerian Bar.
  • You have an excellent command of English Language (speaking and writing).
  • You also have a good grasp of collaboration tools like Google Workspace, Microsoft Office Tools, Slack, etc.

Are you a TLP Kickstarter?